Utilize the Ultimate Gaming Workstation to Destroy Your Rivals

PattyAugust 25, 2022

The zero gravity computer cockpit is designed for people who sit for long periods of time, like software developers, game players, and so on. At first, it was intended to be used as a dual-purpose "sitting" and "lying" chair. You may adjust the leg and back support, the monitor angle, and the level of zero-gravity reclining so that you can experience the ultimate comfort when working, gaming, browsing the Internet, watching movies, relaxing, or even sleeping at your workstation. This offers you the utmost convenience. Ingrem’s computer cockpit resembles an all-in-one gaming hub by combining futuristic design, stunning appearance, and comfortable seats, providing users with an amazing gaming experience.

Primary Features

Science Zero Gravity

DXRacer zero gravity chairs allow users to experience weightlessness by adjusting the angle of the head, back, hips and legs, suspending the body in its natural position. DXRacer gaming chair is ergonomically designed with an adjustable headrest that is not only height-adjustable, but also naturally fits and supports the head and neck. The lumbar support provides exceptional spinal support for the entire back. The control knob on the right side of the seat can be turned clockwise or counterclockwise to alter the lumbar support's depth and height. The lack of strain on the spine and neck in weightlessness makes the whole experience more comfortable. Whether you're reading, napping, or doing something else, you'll be in the best position possible thanks to reduced pressure on your cervical and lumbar spine during zero gravity mode.

Intelligence Operating System

It embodies both life and design wisdom. Full touch screen control allows people to experience a technologically distinct lifestyle.
1) Touch screen control
2) RGB lighting linkage
3) Wireless charging
4) Bluetooth audio
5) Massage heating
6) Water cuprefrigeration heating: heating and cooling, heat preservation and cold preservation
7) Electric foot pedal: linkage multi-directional adjustment

Build to Order

Build-to-order products are usually highly customized. For the left and right side panels of Ingrem Gdragon, logos and carpet patterns can be customized to users’ preferences. Depending on their demands, users can choose between one monitor (maximum support for 49-inch monitor) and three monitors (each with an average size of no more than 34 inches). While lying down, you can view all three monitors well while lying down thanks to the leg rest. Due to the three monitors in front of you, you may enjoy a tremendously expansive and immersive experience.

Key Benefits

Extreme Comfort

Comfort is one of the central features that distinguish gaming seats from traditional chairs. High-quality materials and ergonomic design maximize the user's comfort and encourage proper sitting posture.

Easy to Operate

Optional modes for wireless charging, Bluetooth audio, and water cuprefrigeration heating are accessible via touch key board. In addition, the chair is adjustable for multiple functions, including headrest, lumbar support, tilt, seat height, etc., via a knob or lever.

All-in-One Gaming Hub

The best workstations are completely prepared to replace your standard office furniture, including desks, chairs, etc. Each part can be fine-tuned with the included adjustment mechanism for a customized fit.

Unrivaled Immersion

The greatest gaming workstations for PC and significant gaming systems provide remarkable immersion with features like Bluetooth surround sound systems and large multi-screen display panels.